Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween cake balls

Here are my cake balls. Didn't they turn out great? I was a little concerned about melting the white bark to dip the balls in but it was all good.

So the recipe is easy. Make any cake mix. After it's cooled crumble it w/ either your hands or a fork. Then add (yes, I know it's pretty disgusting!) 3/4 can vanilla frosting. Mix well & take about a walnut size amount of mess & roll into a ball. You will need to wash your hands every so often in order to keep the balls smooth. Place the balls on a cookie sheet & place in the freezer for about an hour. Next melt some vanilla bark & add desired food coloring (the gels & pastes work better than the liquid). Dip the balls in the chocolate & place on the cookie sheet. Let set. Easy, peasy!! Oh & I put lollipop sticks into the balls for easier dipping & eating!

Now if you'd like a better recipe form check out the Pioneer Woman & see what I mean!

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