Monday, October 6, 2008

Ground Beef Tacos

Time to make an old favorite @ my home. Tacos. Not your average tacos but maybe better than you think. I'm afraid that the ingredients are according to taste!

You will need:

Hamburger (I used a large family pack this time so that I could freeze some)
1 onion - chopped

chili powder
corn tortillas
canola oil

So let's start our tacos by putting the ground beef in a frying pan. I used an electric one because it holds more

While the ground beef gets started cooking, I peel & rinse in COLD water a yellow or spanish onion.

Now chop that onion & add it to the ground beef making sure that you are stirring the meat.

After it is cooked until it is no longer pink you are left w/ some juice. You can do one of three things.
a) leave juice in meat
b) drain juice
c) drain & Rinse w/ warm water cooked ground beef.

I go w/....

Option c)! I really like to get some more of that grease out even though I used 91% lean ground beef. Then I take it a step further & rinse the meat. I know, I know but to each her/his own I say!

After the meat has been drained I add some salsa. Usually whatever I have on hand although I had this stuff from Costco & it was actually pretty good. Please remember though that organic salsa won't have any preservatives & so won't last in the fridge as long as regular salsa.

Remember when I said that it was made according to your tastes? Well here it is. I typically just dump some in. It should have enough that when you stir it you can still see it. I actually didn't have quite enough but we'll pretend that I did. 'Kay?

After you stir in the salsa it's time to add the chili powder. Again this is according to taste. We like it to have a little kick so I add a bit, maybe try a bit & then add more. I'm a firm believer in trying while you cook. That way you know the flavors & amount of spice your family & friends can handle.

But wait! There's more! Don't forget the cumin! It too, is an integral part of the flavoring process. If you have never used this before add in a 1/2 - 1 tsp per lb to begin w/. You can always add more. Don't forget to taste, taste & then just because, taste again!

Looks pretty yummy, yes? If @ this point it looks a little dry add about 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water. Replace the lid on the pan & let it all simmer for a bit. Actually just while you fry the corn tortillas will be good.

Time to fry the tortillas! Ummmm.

Using a small skillet pour enough oil in to cover the bottom of the pan.

Turn the burner on med - high. While the oil is heating up get your plate ready.

Put about 4 paper towels on the plate. Don't fold up. You'll need them to blot the excess oil off of the tortillas.

These are corn tortillas not to be confused w/ flour. They are typically smaller than a flour tortilla.

When the oil is warm (maybe a minute but you can add a little piece of the tortilla to the oil first. When it starts to sizzle you'll know that the oil is plenty hot.)

Take a hold of your tortilla w/ a pair of tongs & gently slide it into the oil. Please be very careful as it is extremely easy to burn yourself on the oil.

Fry the tortilla for about 10 - 15 seconds on each side. You'll know when it starts to darken & the tortilla will bubble up.

Turn the tortilla over & cook for a few more seconds on the other side. Pick it up using the tongs. Try to let the oil drip for a minute & slide another tortilla in. Meanwhile take cooked tortilla & place on prepared plate w/ paper towels. Can you see the difference in the cooked tortilla (on plate) & the uncooked that was just put in the oil?

Put two on the plate in opposite corners & place paper towel over top. Bloat some of the excess oil away.

Now for the good part. When you have fried enough tortillas for each person take a tortilla & put on plate.

Typically I like to put the meat on next but these tortillas were a little too soft & the meat kept "bustin out". So I put the cheese on first. It really helped.

Next comes a spoonful of the meat. Yummmm.

And of course what taco is complete w/o the lettuce.

Now @ this point I would love to show you how I actually eat a taco but my daughter came along & wante this one so I gave it to her. And the next one? Well..

snarf, chew, snort, chomp, chomp, chomp...

And that, my friends is how I make tacos. Enjoy!

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