Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hanae's Birthday Cake

Hanae's birthday cake

To make you'll need either the Wilton Wonder Bowl or the Pampered Chief bowl (not certain which one but I'll find out & post it.)

All I can say is follow the directions on the insert. I know, this is a cooking blog so please give the directions. Can't do it. Sorry. No way. Ah, who am I kidding? Actually I've already put the pan away & it's up pretty high in the pantry. It's also kinda
late tonight & I have no one to climb up & get it! See I'm afraid of heights. Even getting onto a step stool can do me in. Sad, isn't it.

I do remember that it took 1 & 1/2 prepared cake mixes to fill the wonder bowl. I used the remainder to make a 10" round that I stuck under the dress mold. Just follow the pictures & I'll explain as best I can.

Below is the box & part of the directions.

This is the baked product in the bowl. It comes in a few pieces that you have to put together. Basically you have to screw the base into the bowl.

Eureka! A baked product that didn't fall apart & that was done in the center. Yes, I did use the heating rod the first time but it still wasn't done. That's what makes the hole in the top. The heating rod.
Just a different view of the cake after I had put the 10" round under the dress. @ this point though I wrapped the whole thing up w/ lots of plastic wrap & threw it in the freezer. Okay, I didn't "throw" it in but I was tempted. Not kidding.

This is what Hanae wanted. This is not what she got. No, she didn't want the dolly w/ the black hair. She wanted the blonde dolly, which she got. Actually it was the dress style that she wanted only she also wanted pink & white dots on the dress. I can tell you right now that it didn't happen cause her momma hadn't decorated a cake for over a year! Sad, isn't it.
I did my best which was sad enough & I have vowed to start practicing. I've told Hubby that he'd darn well better make friends in the breakroom since he's gonna be taking cakes in!

I was trying to be fancy & I shouldn't have. I just haven't practiced enough in the last year. I know, I already told you that I haven't done any @ all!

Basically I smoothed the dress the best I could which is to say I made stripes w/ the spatula in the icing down it. Then I put ruffles on the bottom & up the side a bit. After that I started in w/ the smallest star tip I have (16 I think) & went around the skirt & all over the front & the bodice. I was trying to make her shirt more of a blouse but well, I didn't. Then I was going to wipe the bodice & start over but my daughter didn't make it onto the school bus. This meant that I had to go get her. Not enough time. So she got her doll the way she got her. Period.

Whew! I'm glad that one's over. Ready for the bad news? My son wants this one for his birthday next year! Guess I really need to start practicing!


Shy said...

She is amazing! You did a great job and I'm sure Hanae loved her!! Good luck with the hamburger though lol :)

American in Norway said...

BUmmer, I didn't realize you had made your other blog private... just wanted you to know I am still here... : )


Loved the cakes. They are great... Have a great day.